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After my teenage daughter’s stroke, Dr. Nugent discovered something new about my family’s medical history—a shared bleeding disorder. With CIBD’s help, my daughter recovered, went back to playing ice hockey, and living a normal life.
CIBD is always there for me. They’re an amazing team, and they’re my family. I’m alive today because of them.
CIBD’s been very good to us. With my family having a history of von Willebrand disease, it’s reassuring being under their care.
My daughter has a pretty super, normal life for a 2 year old. I love CIBD’s doctors and staff who make her feel so welcome and comfortable when she goes for her treatments.

Caring for generations today and tomorrow

Whether you’ve been living with an inherited blood disorder your whole life, or your child has just been diagnosed, or maybe you’re currently being evaluated for a genetic blood disorder, CIBD is here to help.

CIBD—The Center for Comprehensive Care and Diagnosis of Inherited Blood Disorders—has

cared for hundreds of Southern California children and adults who are managing and living with a bleeding disorder. Working in partnership with a team of specialists, CIBD addresses your physical, emotional, psychological, educational, and financial needs.

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