California’s Most Vulnerable Patients Are Being Threatened

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Healthcare Providers Urge Senate to Oppose Budget Proposal Eliminating 340B Drug Discount Program for Medi-Cal Patients In a press release dated March 22, 2018, the Center For Inherited Blood Disorders has reported that patients with Chronic and debilitating illnesses will suffer under Brown administration proposal to eliminate the 340B Discount Drug Program. Diane J. Nugent, [...]

CIBD Staff Lunch ‘N Learn Hemophilia

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This month CIBD's staff gathered for a "lunch and learn" built around hemophilia treatments and physical therapy. The presenters were our very own Dr. Amit Soni, Pediatric Hematologist and Associate Medical Director of CIBD, and Grace Hernandez, Physical Therapist at CIBD Clinic. These learning sessions are provided to our diverse team including our CIBD Pharmacy [...]

CDC Hemophilia Surveillance

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Do you have a bleeding disorder and receive care at a U.S. Hemophilia Treatment Center? If the answer is yes, have you heard of Community Counts? Been wondering what all the buzz is about and how you can take part? Well, we have just the tool to help answer these questions and others you may [...]

Innovation Belongs In Every Moment

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"Innovation Belongs In Every Moment" is this year's theme at the Regional Annual Conference. In partnership with the Hemophilia and Thrombosis Treatment Center at Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego, CIBD co-hosted the 2017 Annual Conference of the Western States Regional Hemophilia Treatment Centers (HTC). Beginning on April 2nd, the two-day conference was held at [...]

New Method To Detect Antibodies Linked To Inhibitor Development

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KEY FINDINGS: New Method to Detect the Type of Antibodies Linked to Inhibitors Development Among People with Hemophilia A and B In an article release by the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), research reports key findings related to the formation of inhibitors (antibodies) in patients who have hemophilia. The study shows that hemophilia [...]

CIBD Team Discuss IV Access For Patients Living With Bleeding Disorders

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CIBD Clinic presenting Different Types of IV Access For Patients With Bleeding Disorders. CIBD Clinic is a safety-net clinic for patients with inherited and rare bleeding disorders. Our thoughts are always "patients first" and how best to care for our patients. With this mentality, our team of CIBD Pharmacy and CIBD Clinic, comes together to [...]

CIBD Accepting Scholarship Applications

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CIBD Scholarship Application Accepted NOW! Starting March 6th through May 31st, CIBD patients will have an opportunity to apply for a scholarship towards their education. Four $500 scholarships are available and CIBD patients can apply by mail or online. CLICK HERE for application. Application Requirements Must be planning on attending or currently attend an accredited [...]

CIBD Cooking Classes

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As part of our support for a healthy living lifestyles, CIBD is offering cooking classes to patients with bleeding disorders. Our first class is being held on March 21st and March 28th at the Discovery Science Foundation and Discovery Cube in Orange County. Classes begins at 5:30PM and ends at 7:30PM. The classes are open [...]

CIBD Research Day March 2017

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On March 25th, CIBD patients will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of research studies that are designed to help patients and families gain a deeper understanding of hemophilia, increase knowledge of inhibitors, and contribute to advancing the breakthrough of treatments. The studies that we will be available are My Life Our Future [...]

Integrative Health Day

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Integrative Health Day is celebrated on January 23rd promoted by Health Funders Partnership of Orange County and Living Healthy OC.  CIBD is proud to be a comprehensive care clinic participating in this initiative that aims to transform the culture of care delivery to our communities. It's not about avoiding or simply preventing illness. We view [...]