CIBD Staff Lunch ‘N Learn Hemophilia

This month CIBD’s staff gathered for a “lunch and learn” built around hemophilia treatments and physical therapy. The presenters were our very own Dr. Amit Soni, Pediatric Hematologist and Associate Medical Director of CIBD, and Grace Hernandez, Physical Therapist at CIBD Clinic.

These learning sessions are provided to our diverse team including our CIBD Pharmacy staff who have various levels of clinical experience, and CIBD Admin staff who provide administrative support. We have all come together to better understand the community that we serve. At CIBD we believe this is the best way to be compassionate in our work no matter what level of support we provide.

In this meeting, Dr. Soni focused on the differences in Hemophilia A and Hemophilia B treatments. Hemophilia patients need a tailored treatment plan based on the level of severity. Even with a thoughtfully planned treatment, there are possible complications including inhibitors which can cause lifestyle changes. Essentially, each patient with a bleeding disorder is unique.


Grace highlighted the benefit of receiving treatment at a multidisciplinary Hemophilia Treatment Center (HTC) which includes access to a physical therapist. CIBD encourages physical activity for living a healthy life. People with hemophilia or bleeding disorders may experience joint or muscle bleeds. In an example, a patient participating in basketball was elbowed in the arm. A bleed was found in the deep tissue but could only be seen by ultrasound, which Grace is certified to use. Had this patient not been seen at CIBD Clinic, he/she could have been misdiagnosed, leading to a delay in treatment and potentially an E.R. visit. This is why it is essential for patients with bleeding disorders to be treated at HTCs.

At the end of each session was an open discussion where plenty of questions were asked. Our CIBD Pharmacy staff who offers a 340B Discount Drug Program to qualified patients, had many questions framed around how we can help our patients more.

At CIBD, we could not be more proud to be part of this dedicated team.


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