CIBD Team Discuss IV Access For Patients Living With Bleeding Disorders

CIBD Clinic presenting Different Types of IV Access For Patients With Bleeding Disorders.

CIBD Clinic is a safety-net clinic for patients with inherited and rare bleeding disorders. Our thoughts are always “patients first” and how best to care for our patients. With this mentality, our team of CIBD Pharmacy and CIBD Clinic, comes together to learn about the different IV access for our patients and what is provided to our patients through CIBD 340B Pharmacy and those enrolled in CIBD Pharmacy Home Care.

CIBD Pharmacy staff are responsible for the infusion supplies that our patients need. These infusion supplies are conveniently delivered through our Home Care program. To stay up-to-date and understand fully the needs of our patients, CIBD Clinic put together a presentation to address concerns and to answer questions our non-clinic staff members may have. The CIBD Pharmacy staff was concerned they may under supply items patients may need most or supply unnecessary items.

CIBD Clinic and CIBD Pharmacy are proud that our team learns from each other and keeps the lines of communication open. This is one way we can continue to best serve our patients who live with bleeding disorders.

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