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Complete care for children and adults with rare inherited blood disorders.

Our team of experts creates treatment plans tailored to each patient’s—and family’s—physical, mental, and emotional needs. We coordinate care with dentists, genetic counselors, obstetrician/gynecologists, primary care practitioners, school administrators, the Sickle Cell Disease Foundation of California, and even your own family doctor. For patients with HIV and hepatitis, other specialists are consulted, including infectious disease, immunology, gastroenterology, psychology, nutrition, and health education.

Our Clinic Team

  • Board Certified Pediatric and Adult Hematologists
  • Nurses and Nurse Specialists
  • Physical Therapist
  • Psychologist
  • Clinical Social Worker
  • Clinical Pharmacist
  • Genetic Counselors
  • Diagnostic Lab Services

Facts, Events, and Services

  • We are the only licensed freestanding clinic in California specializing in blood disorders.
  • Designated as a Federally Funded Comprehensive Hemophilia Treatment Center.
  • The only Federally Funded Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center in Southern California.
  • Our mission is to use a multi-disci- plinary team approach that is essential to helping our patients’ live normal and productive lives.
  • CIBD serves as a Clinical training site for Hematology Provider Fellowships, Genetic Counseling, Clinical Pharmacy, and other related programs.

Past, Present & Future Events for CIBD Patients and Their Families

  • Annual CJ Wilson Charity Event
  • Educational Workshops for a Variety of Diagnosis
  • Monthly Support Group for Adult Men Living with Hemophilia
  • Research Days
  • Martial Arts for People with Bleeding Disorders
  • Rock Climbing for Children with Bleeding Disorders
  • Hemophilia Day for Spanish Speaking Patients and Their Families
  • Collaboration with the Sickle Cell Disease Research Foundation of California, Hemophilia Alliance of Orange County,
  • Southern California Hemophilia Foundation
  • Collaboration with the Community Clinic
  • Coalition of Orange County providing essential health care needs for people with limited income.
  • Diagnosis and Management of Blood Disorders
  • Comprehensive Care provided by a multi-disciplinary team of providers
  • Research Programs for Patients Emergency Transportation
  • Telehealth Consultation with Providers and Patients outside of the local area
  • Psychological Counseling Genetic Counseling Non-Profit Pharmacy Government Sponsored Discount Drug
  • Program (340B)
  • Hospital Affiliations with CHOC Children’s Hospital, St. Joseph’s Hospital
    of Orange, UC Irvine Medical Center Teen Transition Programs
  • Collaboration and educational services
    for School, teachers, nurses and counselors
  • Camp Referrals for children
  • IV Skills Training for Parents and Patients Clinical Infusion Services

Our Model of comprehensive care includes