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CIBD Pharmacy participates in the 340B Program

What is the 340B program?

  • A federally funded discount program
  • Available for outpatient HTC

Benefits of 340B Program

The 340B Program allows CIBD Pharmacy to purchase clotting factors, other prescription medications and medical supplies at a discounted rate for patients that are seen at our HTC.

We generate program income which is used for patient care, education, activities and supportive service and safety which are essential to provide comprehensive care to our patients.

Savings are passed onto our patients.

How does CIBD Pharmacy enhance our patients’ lives?

To learn, implement and refine best practices that improve the safety of patient pharmacy services.

CIBD Pharmacy Facts

  • A Federally Funded Comprehensive Hemophilia Treatment Center
  • A licensed retail specialty pharmacy providing our patient access to medications
  • We are a non-profit pharmacy
  • We collaborate with community clinics, hospitals & other HTC
  • CIBD Pharmacy integrates medication management services
  • Our pharmacy serves as a Clinical rotation site for pharmacy students to train

CIBD Pharmacy Provides Continuous Care

  • 24/7 customer service
  • Access to all factor medications with all assay available
  • Well-trained and caring staff
  • Information about copay assistance programs
  • Access to ancillary and medical supplies
  • Home delivery of factors, medications, and ancillaries to patients
  • Coordinated communications with patients and nursing agencies to schedule in-home infusion services.
  • Follow up service with patients on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis to ensure patient health.

Still have questions about our 340B Pharmacy?