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  • Laboratory Hours
    Mon-Friday: 8AM – 4:30PM

About Testing

The Hematology Advanced Diagnostics Laboratory performs moderate and high complexity testing. The following tests are offered at this time: (new assays are being worked on everyday)

  • Thrombelastograph (TEG) Analysis (assess whole blood clotting)
  • Platelet Mapping TEG (response to anti-platelet therapy and platelet function studies)
  • Platelet Function Analyzer (PFA)-100
  • Platelet Aggregation
  • ITGA2 (807) SNP Mutation Analysis
  • Factor V Leiden Mutation Analysis
  • Prothrombin-F2 Mutation Analysis
  • MTHFR C677T Mutation Analysis
  • MTHFR A1298C Mutation Analysis
  • Platelet Surface Glycoprotein-Flow
  • Hemoglobin Electrophoresis Assays
  • FXIII Mutation Analysis