Integrative Health Day

Integrative Health Day is celebrated on January 23rd promoted by Health Funders Partnership of Orange County and Living Healthy OC.  CIBD is proud to be a comprehensive care clinic participating in this initiative that aims to transform the culture of care delivery to our communities. It’s not about avoiding or simply preventing illness. We view health as a complete care of a body’s physical state, mental wellness and social happiness.

The integrative health practices include patient empowerment for self-care, the use of herbal supplements, group therapy, acupuncture and mind-body therapies such as meditation, yoga and tai-chi. We prefer non-invasive medical treatments which improves quality of life and benefits of cost savings.

Health Funders Partnership states that acupuncture help reduce the need of knee surgery and may result in a savings of up to $9000 per patient. Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) can reduce days in hospital or nursing home following stroke at a savings of $26,000 per patient and postpone heart surgery due to clinical improvements, resulting in return to work at a total savings of $31,000.

You can celebrate integral health day by sharing a healthy meal with friends, attending a yoga class or taking an afternoon walk at the beach.

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