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340B Drug Pricing Program

The 340B Drug Pricing Program lowers the cost of outpatient drugs to certain federal grant recipients. Comprehensive Hemophilia Treatment Centers that get a grant from the U.S. HRSA/MCHB can buy outpatient drugs for their patients at these discounted prices. Over half the HTCs in the U.S. — and nearly all in Region IX — have 340B programs.

The purpose of 340B

  • Stretch scarce Federal resources as far as possible
  • Reaching more eligible patients
  • Providing more comprehensive services

Use of 340B

  • Patient care
  • Education
  • Supportive services

[H.R. Rep. No 102-384, at 12 (1992)]. HRSA/MCHB requires 340B program income to be used to “further eligible project and program objectives.”

This 7 minute video describes the importance of the federal 340B discount drug program to people with genetic bleeding disorders.

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