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HTC Healthcare Outcomes

HTC care has been shown to dramatically improve health outcomes
and reduce cost.

Early studies of the first 10 years of HTC care documented


  • 73% fewer days/year lost school/work
  • 88% fewer hospitalizations/year
  • 74% reduced overall cost of care
  • 74% fewer unemployed adults


  • 390% increase in self infusion

A more recent study of 3000 hemophilic males from six states that was funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) documents


  • 40% fewer deaths
  • 40% fewer bleed-related hospitalizations

*among men who used a HTC at least once in the 3-year study period

These decreases occurred despite the HTC cohort having more severe symptoms and higher proportions of HIV and hepatitis than peers who obtained their care outside the HTC network.


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