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Dr. Diane Nugent founded the Center for Comprehensive Care and Diagnosis of Inherited Blood Disorders (CIBD), a non-profit organization with the goal of serving children and adults with genetic blood disorders, and their families. Inherited blood disorders arerare, chronic diseases that can have many physical complications, as well as significant emotional, social, and financial burdens on patients and their families.

It quickly became apparent there was a vast need for access to specialty lab testing for diagnosis. Hematology Advanced Diagnostics Laboratory (HADL) was established to offer patients access to specialty testing even when they were not covered by insurance or unable to pay themselves. Hematology Advanced Diagnostics Laboratory (HADL) was CAP/CLIA certified in 2009 with Diane J. Nugent, M.D. as Medical Director.

Mission Statement

  • To improve diagnostic services for patients with rare blood disorders within CHOC and its affiliated hospitals.
  • To extend services to Region IX Bleeding Disorder patients and providers to improve outcomes and provide genetic and diagnostic assays currently unavailable to this community.
  • To create a new national venue for the diagnosis of rare hematologic disorders.