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Rare Bleeding Disorders


Rare Bleeding Disorders comprise of conditions that require Hematology expertise in Coagulation work-up and management. Rare Bleeding Disorders consist of, but are not limited to, these conditions:

• Factor II Deficiency
• Factor V Deficiency
• Factor VII Deficiency
• Factor XI Deficiency
• Factor XIII Deficiency
• Inherited Abnormalities of Fibrinogen


Symptoms of Rare Bleeding Disorders may include nose bleeding (epistaxis), gum bleeding, heavy or prolonged menstrual bleeding, and blood in the urine or stool. Rare Bleeding Disorders may also result in easy bruising, bruising more than expected, and bruising in unusual locations.

Center for Inherited Blood Disorders


Treatments vary among the different types of Rare Bleeding Disorders and can include medications to minimize symptoms, specific Factor replacement therapies, if available, and blood product transfusions for urgent bleeding complications.

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